1. Welcome to AirBlocks™

  2. Digital Signage

    We have designed, built and deployed an array of retail, public and outdoor screen solutions that range f...
  3. Wi-Fi Solutions

    Our Wi-Fi is a unique and was created and designed by us to enable our clients Wi-Fi network to fully ena...
  4. Applications

    The AirBlocks™ App can be download as an optional part of the customer registration process and can be ...
  5. AirBlocks™ Mobile

    As specialist hardwired network provider AirBlocks™ Mobile utilises our latest mobile technology to exp...
  6. Media Sales

    Our in-house Media Sales Team have a wealth of experience and expertise at developing active brand partic...
  7. SMS Marketing

    Whilst the AirBlocks™ App enabled on a smart device can then be used to profile and deliver targeted ca...
  8. Information Walls

    Our network and media player technology enables us to provide visual display consolidation of key data, a...

AirBlocks™ is part of the AVC Group of Companies; with over 21 years' experience for innovation and high level customer service we deliver end-to-end technical solutions in over 2 million locations per annum.

We specialises in brand asset management for clients seeking innovative ways of expanding their customer reach by managing our client's valuable content and intellectual property through our seamless digital technology solutions.

We offer a full in-house “turnkey” solution from system design, installation and maintenance to hosted services, screen and Wi-Fi content management, content creation and dedicated media sales teams and central contact centre to ensure we fully support our client networks.

Welcome to AirBlocks™

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